14th May 2021 Update:

We're pleased to announce that we're now able to provide replacement chargers for both the Gtech HT05 and HT05 Plus Hedge Trimmers, as well as the ST05 Grass Trimmer:

As always, if you have any questions or you're unsure which charger is the correct one for your Gtech product, please feel free to contact us for friendly advice.

Gtech Replacement Chargers

Whilst battery powered home and garden appliances are convenient in their portability, they come with the usual pitfall of cordless tools in that they frequently need recharging! It’s easy to misplace or lose a charger for these kinds of devices and they have specific power requirements and use a specific plug or jack.

There isn’t a lot of information around on the subject of Gtech chargers, and it can be confusing with the sheer number of chargers around, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to share the information we have and help you pick the right one.

Finding your Gtech product Model Name or Number

To order a replacement charger, you’ll first need to identify the model of your Gtech product. Most Gtech products are straightforward in their model names, so this is easy to do. Once you have the model name, we’ve listed links to our products for a replacement. To find the model number for your Gtech device, you'll just need to look for the Gtech label that's attached to your product. Throughout the guide we've included images to help you know where to look.

Gtech Hedge Trimmers

To find the model number for your Gtech Hedge Trimmer, look at the base of the unit, such as the example below:

Gtech product label for a HT20 Hedge Trimmer - How to find your Gtech model number

We’ve taken the guesswork out of buying a new charger for your hedge trimmer and listed the models below that we currently provide replacements for:

Unfortunately, we don’t currently provide a replacement charger for the following hedge trimmers:

  • Gtech HT02
  • Gtech HT04

Gtech Grass Trimmers

You can find the model number for your Gtech Grass Trimmer in much the same way as above; by checking the base of the unit underneath the handle, as shown below:

Gtech product label for a ST20 Grass Trimmer - How to find your Gtech model number

We stock a number of replacement chargers for these trimmers, including:

Our chargers are fully safe and tested for use with these Gtech products.

We don’t currently stock a suitable charger for the following Gtech Grass Trimmer:

  • Gtech ST04

These use a different kind of connector to most Gtech products.

Gtech Vacuums and Floor Cleaners

As with the earlier products, it’s easy to find the model of your Gtech vacuum cleaner by looking underneath the vacuum head where there should be a label near the vacuum brush bar.

Gtech product label for a AirRam MK2 Vacuum Cleaner (AR29) - How to find your Gtech model number

The only difference with Gtech vacuum cleaners is that the model numbers are more specific than the other products. For instance an AirRam MK2 cordless vac will have the model number ‘AR29’.

We supply chargers for the following Gtech vacuum and floor cleaners, and we’ve listed their model numbers alongside them:

All our replacement chargers are built with quality parts for your peace of mind by Classic Service Parts, a German power supply manufacturer. They are both affordable and fully safety compliant.

Other Gtech Products

We also supply a replacement charger for the Gtech Worklight, which is a nifty rechargeable torch.

If you’re still having trouble

If we don’t yet stock a replacement for your Gtech appliance, we’d recommend you get in touch with Gtech directly to find out whether they can supply a replacement.

However if you’re unsure of the model number for your product, or you aren’t sure which charger is correct for your Gtech product, feel free to get in touch with our helpful team for further advice.