Finding your Dyson vacuum model number

Unlike many brands, Dyson are relatively straight forward when it comes to model numbers. Whilst there are many Dyson models, they tend to follow a simple naming convention like one of the below:

  • DC35
  • V6
  • V11 Absolute
  • DC62 Animal Pro

This makes it much easier to find a suitable charger for your Dyson, as you don’t need to hunt around for a specific model number.

Another thing to consider is that many models, such as the V6, have variations in their product line such as the ‘V6 Animal Extra’ or ‘V6 Car & Boat’.

When you’re shopping for a new charger you don’t need to worry too much about the second part of the model, as the charger will be the same across all of the V6 products, though we have included many of them for your convenience. The ‘Animal’ or ‘Absolute’ parts of the model name usually refer to the additional accessories that came with the unit.

Replacement Dyson V10 and V11 Chargers

We stock replacement chargers for Dyson V10 and V11 vacuum cleaners, which require a different charger to other lines of Dyson vacuums. Here are the models we support:

Further, if you still have your original charger but it’s no longer functioning, it may list one of the following part numbers:

Replacement Dyson DCxx Chargers (e.g. DC34, DC44 or DC45)

We also stock quality replacement chargers for the DC series of Dyson vacuums. There are many products within this series and we’ve listed several of them below:

As with the V10 and V11 range, if you still have your original charger you might find one of the following part numbers printed on it:

Still can’t find a charger for your Dyson?

We’ve covered the main models of Dyson cordless vacuums within the article, but there will no doubt be others which we don’t yet provide replacements for. If you need more in-depth advice feel free to get in touch with us, or checkout the Dyson website for other specific information.