Finding your vacuum model number on the product

The best place to find your model number is always on the device itself. By doing this you can be assured that you're identifying the specific name or number for your exact product. Manuals will often provide a general indication of your model, but they often group together several similar models from a range. In addition, they won't always account for a revision of a product, which happens when the manufacturer alters the product slightly or updates the internal components.

Every vacuum is supplied with a model sticker printed to the device. To find your model number:

  • Check lower rear side of the vacuum
  • The back of the base
  • Or underneath the base of the vacuum

If you still can't find the model number sticker after checking all sides of the product, you can then begin to check these areas:

  • Inside the area where the bag is stored (if it's a bagged vacuum)
  • On the sweeper head, usually underneath where suction is made

There's no model sticker or label on my vacuum

If you can't find the model sticker, or you've found the sticker but the printing has worn away, there are a few other places you can try.

In the instruction manual

As we mentioned earlier, this isn't always the ideal way to identify your model. Despite this, it can provide a good indication of what the general model of your product is. To find your model number in the manual:

  • Check the front cover where the model number is usually listed at the top or bottom of the page
  • Check the inside cover
  • Check the rear cover

Our search system includes many variations of model numbers, including some quite general ones which may be those listed in the manual. Many manufacturers use a very specific type of charger that carries across their full range of products, which makes it easier to identify a replacement.

On your invoice, receipt or order e-mail

When you originally purchased your product, your invoice or receipt will often display the specific model number for your device. With manufacturers often discontinuing certain models to be replaced with a newer one, this makes it easy to understand which specific model you have.

On the charger (if you still have it!)

With so many types of charger on the market, from different power outputs to varied pin sizes, it can be both challenging and potentially dangerous to identify a replacement just by looking at the original. 

Most chargers will come with their own model number printed on the plug, but rather than a sticker this is often as embossed text which can be hard to read. 

If you're able to make out the device code or number on the plug, take a note of it and enter it into our model search. We cover the 'part' numbers for many types of chargers, and if a result is found it will be both compatible and safe to use for your device.

Once you've identified your model number

After you've identified your model number, take a note of it and include all letters & numbers.

You can now enter this into our smart search, omitting the brand name. If we supply a replacement charger for your vacuum, you'll see the brand name listed alongside the model number you entered.

You can then view the price, any product details and order the replacement.