Before we delve in to the specifics of pin/plug sizes and how to identify the correct one for your device, it's important to note that using an incorrectly sized pin (or incorrect power rating) could cause irreversible damage to your electronic device. Thankfully we've made the process of buying a like for like replacement for your lost or broken adapter much easier with our smart model search, supplying replacement power supplies, adapters and chargers for over 50,000 different model and part numbers.

So, before you try out that spare wall wart that looks similar to the one for your device, read on below to make an informed decision.

Understanding Pin Sizes

The pin sizes, sometimes otherwise known as barrel connectors, listed on our website are generally displayed in the following sequence: 

Example: 4.8 / 1.7 mm (Outer Diameter / Inner Diameter / Millimeter)

To break this example down and explain how to measure the pin:

Outer Diameter

This is the outer metal ring of the adapters tip, measured in millimeters. It should match the outer diameter of the port for your device. 

Inner Diameter

This is the inner metal ring of the adapters tip, measured in millimeters. This measurement should correspond to the centre pin on the adapter or charger port for your device.

Measuring Pin Size

If you still have your original adapter, you can take a measurement using a suitable measurement device. Due to the small sizes at play, particularly with the inner diameter, use of a digital caliper is practically essential for this task.

For instance, there are standardised adapters which use a 2.1mm inner diameter, and others with a 2.5mm diameter, resulting in just a .04mm difference between the two.

When you consider that the incorrect sized adapter could cause irrepairable damage to the device, we'd recommend sourcing a replacement specified by the device manufacturer, or using our search function to purchase an exact replacement. Our adapters are fully tested for the specific model number of your device for your peace of mind.

Other things to bear in mind

If you've found an adapter with a pin that looks to be the same exact measurement as that required by your device, you must ensure that it has the correct power rating for your device (both Voltage and Amperage).

If your device uses a USB (A, B or C) connector, this will generally work with any USB charger, but do take note of the required amperage as this will determine the charging speed of your device. 

We list pin size, voltage and amperage for all of our products so you can make an informed decision. If you're unsure with any aspect of identifying a replacement, feel free to get in touch and we'll be happy to help.