How we can help

We're constantly working with our manufacturers to develop new power supplies for the latest devices. Our researchers are hard at work to introduce new models to our database too.

If you've searched for a specific model or brand but can't find it listed, we encourage you to let us know.

Our support team may be able to recommend and alternative product for your device, or source a suitable power supply.

There's an EU product available, but not a UK version (or vice versa)

If on the rare occasion you find we stock only one variant for your devices model, please get in touch and we may be able to source an alternative.

From there, if we can't provide a suitable alternative, it is possible to use an EU or UK adapter in your respective country with the use of a reputable conversion plug. This is because as of 2003, both UK and EU a 'harmonised' voltage of 230v 50hz. 

Under no circumstances should you attempt to use a foreign electrical plug without the use of a conversion plug (fitted with the correct fuse if in the UK). In addition, use of a travel adapter is not recommended for long-term use.

For further information, we recommend taking a look at Electrical Safety First's advice on Adapting Appliances for UK use.