Why buy from us?

The online marketplace for replacement power supplies, adapters and chargers can be a confusing one. Technology moves quickly, and manufacturers are constantly updating and replacing their product lines. For example, sourcing a replacement adapter for an older portable TV can be a real challenge. Is the replacement compatible with your specific model? Does it provide the correct power to the device? Above all, is it safe? 

Thankfully, we're here to help, with over 40 years of experience in the development and distribution of replacement power supplies.

Here are 5 reasons to purchase from us:

  • Our extensive database simplifies the process of buying an exact replacement, and we guarantee that the product you purchase will work with your device.
  • The power supplies we offer all comply with strict EU/UK regulations, and they're comprehensively tested for safe use with your device. 
  • We're a genuine, VAT registered company with UK-based telephone support. Call us on 01635 278 678 from 9AM - 4PM Monday to Friday, or feel free to send us an e-mail.
  • Our customers trust us and our products, with over 2,600 TrustPilot reviews for our sister site, The Remote Controls Shop.
  • Our products are affordable. With such close links to our manufacturers, we're able to provide our products at competitive prices, with free UK-based delivery.

With all of the above in mind, we're a great choice for getting a quality replacement, both quickly and with ease.

Our Power Supplies

We use 'Power Supply' as a catch all term for the products we offer, but depending on the device they can be known as a power adapter or a charger. In any case, the power supply is typically used to convert AC (Alternating Current) to to DC (Direct Current), or in some cases to ouput a different AC voltage. 

The power supplies we sell are all correctly specified to the model of your device, including voltage, amperage and the correct connector to plug in to your device. In most cases, we offer both a 3-pin UK model (BS 1363) as well as a 2-pin European version (Europlug). 

Importantly, all of our power supplies are compliant with EU legislation on electrical safety, and use high quality components. We supply these power supplies with a 12 month guarantee for peace of mind.

Our Location

The company is based in the rural village of Burghclere, a few miles from Watership Down, close to the borders of Berkshire and Hampshire in the UK.

The spacious site is fully geared towards distribution of power supplies with substantial office, storage and picking/packing areas.

The Team

The company has around 20 members of staff, fulfilling a wide array of functions in support of our remote control activities.

The website is maintained by a small team of web developers and technical staff who are continuously developing new power supplies and regularly update the database of cross-references behind the site.

In our sales department, we have another team of staff devoted to processing customer orders, answering customer queries and sourcing hard-to-find adapters on their behalf.

Our stores staff are responsible for picking and packing your orders along with the careful warehousing of stock in our temperature-controlled storage areas.

As a relatively small company, we can be very flexible and our staff are more than used to multi-tasking! The team really works together and hopefully any experience you have of dealing with us will be a pleasant one.


For comprehensive information about our delivery process, take a look at our Delivery section.