While The Power Supply Shop launched in 2020, our company (TW Electronics Ltd) have been selling power supplies through online channels since the early 2000's.

As well as through our online store, we sell our adaptors and chargers across several leading marketplaces including Amazon and eBay.

Our Reviews

eBay Feedback

We have over 9000 positive feedback ratings through our eBay store RemotesandPowerSupplies which we've operated since 2004.

This includes both power supply and charging products you'll find throughout this site, as well as remote controls sold through our sister site The Remote Controls Shop.

Amazon Feedback

Our Amazon store The Remote Controls Shop holds over 9500 feedback ratings from Amazon customers over the past decade. Our feedback is overwhelmingly positive, accounting for 98% of all reviews.

The Remote Controls Shop on TrustPilot

Our sister company The Remote Controls Shop has over 2,700 TrustPilot reviews, with a TrustScore of 4.9 out of 5, and 'Excellent' status.

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Service really does matter to us and we truly care what our customers think of us.

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