Shark Clean Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless vacuum cleaners have become taken a sizeable share of the home cleaning product market over the last decade or so, thanks to the likes of Dyson, Gtech and the continued improvement in battery technology that allows us to get more rooms vacuumed between charges.

Shark’s introduction to the UK was certainly helped along by their clever design and effective cleaning, including switching between upright and handheld with their ‘lift-away’ models.

We’ve said it before, but one of the main pitfalls of cordless products is how easy it is to lose the charger! Every manufacturer has their own variation of charger, dependant on the power requirements of the product – and in many cases multiple chargers across each product range or latest version.

Why buy a replacement Shark charger from Power Supply Shop?

There are two simple reasons to choose Power Supply Shop for a replacement charger; safety and reliability.

Many unbranded chargers you might find on eBay or Amazon may be cheap, but how do you know they're safe? This isn't a sales pitch, many simply do not have the appropriate certifications for safe use.

Our power supplies and chargers are designed by our sister company, Classic Service Parts in Germany. Classic have decades of experience in the design and manufacture of quality power supplies, using high quality components that will stand the test of time.

Our new range of Shark chargers are no exception, and include UKCA certification for your peace of mind. For the sake of a few pounds, why take the risk?

Not to mention, if you have any issues, our UK based support is here to help.

Finding a replacement Shark Cordless Vacuum Charger

If you’ve lost your Shark charger, or your old one has broken, we’ve done the hard work and designed the exact replacement needed for your model.

To order the right charger for your Shark vacuum, you’ll need your model number.

Here are three places to look:

On the box:

If you still have the packaging for your Shark vacuum cleaner, check the box for the model number such as ‘IZ251UKTDB’ or ‘IZ251UK’.

In the manual:

If you still have the manual for your vacuum, check the cover. It may reference multiple models, but in that case, you can expect the same charger to be compatible across these models.

On the Vacuum Cleaner Label:

If you don’t have the packaging or manual, you can check the vacuum itself.

Look for a Shark label at the base or sides of the vacuum. It should have usage information including any warnings.

There should be a line that says ‘Model’ followed by the model name/number.

Ordering a Replacement & Our Stocked Models

Now you have your model number, all you need to do is order your replacement.

Thankfully, we’ve taken the guesswork out of ordering a new charger for your Shark, so you can pick your model from the list below:

Shark IZ201 Series Cordless Vacuums

Shark IZ251 Series Cordless Vacuums

Shark ICZ160 Series Cordless Vacuums

Shark IC160 Series Cordless Vacuums

Shark IF200 Series Cordless Vacuums

Shark IF250 Series Cordless Vacuums

Shark IF130 Series Cordless Vacuums

Shark IF260 Series Cordless Vacuums

If you have any issues

If you can’t find your model number listed above, please feel free to get in touch with our helpful team for further advice, or consider contacting Shark UK support for further help.