There are two quick ways to identify your Laptop model number:

Finding your model number on the physical laptop

This is the easiest way to find the model number for your laptop, particularly if you're not able to power on the machine. 

For the vast majority of laptops, the model number can be found on the underside of the device. In many cases there will be a sticker displaying the laptop model number, along with other associated information described below. This includes:

The product name/model number: This is the 'model number' we're talking about.

It will typically be a combination of letters and numbers such as 'DV1000', 'A210-1AY' or '2440'. In many cases, before this number is the 'range' that the laptop comes from, such as 'HP Pavilion, 'Toshiba Satellite' or 'Acer Travelmate'.

You can omit this information from our smart search, but in some cases it may help you narrow down your search where there are many models of similar name.

Above: A HP EliteBook 850 G5 with the model number and associated information printed directly to the bottom of the laptop.

The Product Number (SKU or Part number): This is usually a much longer sequence of letters and numbers, used by the manufacturer to specify the version of your particular model. While two laptops may have the same model number (and require the same power supply), it's fairly common to have different product or part numbers. This is because manufacturers revise their products over time, with different components or embedded software.

Our search function does include thousands of references to part numbers, but if you've identified your model number we'd always recommend using it first before searching for specific part numbers.

The Serial Number: The serial number is used by the manufacturer to identify your exact device, in that no two serial numbers are the same. This information will typically be used when you register a warranty or contact technical support directly with the manufacturer. Our database does not store any serial number information, so you can disregard this one.

Above: A Lenovo B50-30 Laptop, identified by a sticker on the underside of the laptop. Note that both the main 'B50-30' name and '80ES' model name are applicable, making this a Lenovo "B50-30 80ES" laptop.

If you can't find your model number on a sticker at the back of the machine, here are a few other places it may be printed:

  • With many modern aluminium cased laptops, the model number may be printed directly on the device. This can make it a little bit tricker to see at first glance, but do look for a bar code and any mention of 'Model' nearby.
  • In some cases the model number is printed inside the battery compartment. If you release the switches locking the battery in place, you may find it there. 
  • If you still have the box that the laptop was shipped in, this will often contain an external sticker which includes all of the above information.

Still having issues? Contact us and we'll help you to identify your laptop and recommend a suitable replacement power supply.

Locating your model number from the powered on machine

If your laptop is still working and powered on, you can find the model number of your machine within Windows or Mac by following the instructions below. This is particularly handy where you no longer have the laptops packaging or the sticker has rubbed off the underside of the machine.

For Windows Users (Windows 7, 8.x & 10)

  1. From the desktop, click the 'Search' function beside the Start button to bring up the search function.
  2. In the search box, type 'System Information' and hit enter.
  3. This will bring up a variety of useful information about your machine. In this case, we're looking for the 'System Model'.
  4. Under system model, you should see something that looks like a model number we described earlier, e.g. 'MS-7C02'.
  5. Back onto The Power Supply Shop, use the smart search and enter the model number, omitting the brand name.
The system model number, as shown from within System Information.

For Mac Users (Mac OS)

  1. Click the Apple symbol at the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Select 'About This Mac'
  3. Useful information about your Mac, including operating system, hardware specification and most importantly 'Model' will be displayed.
  4. Take note of the first line (below the operating system and above processor information) which will tell you the model, such as 'MACBOOK A1278'.
  5. Back onto The Power Supply Shop, use the smart search and enter the model number, omitting the brand name.