Which TV's require an external power supply?

In most cases, modern TV's will use a three-pin power cable, with the power supply built in to the unit. While we stock power suppies for over 1,400 models of televisions, these are generally smaller sets, as most large or modern televisions are designed with an integrated power supply. If at the back of your television set you see a port with three prongs, it's likely that you'll only need a 3 pin power cord to power it on. 

The power supplies we stock for Televisions at Power Supply Shop are typically for smaller, portable or older sets which require an external power supply to run. This often applies to TV sets 24" and under in size, but there are occasionally exceptions this.

Most often, the power supply for televisions requiring a power supply use a brick style adapter that look similar to a laptop charger. These power supplies are often referred to as a 'power brick', 'PSU' or just power adapter. 

Where can I find my model number?

The model number for your television can usually be found on a sticker at the back of the device. This might be placed on the left, centre or right of the TV.

Identifying your TV's model number should be fairly straight forward, as the stickers usually title each 'code' by what it is. You'll be looking for 'Model' and the corresponding number which might look like 'UA45C700WFXXY'. 

Take note of any code that is preceded by 'Model' or similar, and disregard any long code that is titled as 'Serial number' as this is usually far more specific to your set rather than the general model number. 

Once you've identified your model number, key it into our model search and we'll take care of the rest!

Do you supply replacement remote controls?

Our sister site, The Remote Controls Shop supply quality replacement remote controls for thousands of television sets at an affordable price.

As with The Power Supply Shop, we use a smart search function to identify your model and provide a precise replacement for your set.