Start with the brand & type

Our first port of call is the brand of your set top box, as well as what its primary purpose is. If you're looking for a run-down of all brands we provide products for at The Power Supply Shop, head over to the Brands page which covers over 270 different electronic device brands. 

Simple enough, in most scenarios the brand of your device will usually be printed directly to your device as a logo or text on the front panel of the box. 

Once you have this, you can head over to our relevant page for your device, as below:

Check the back or underside of the device

Most set top boxes and satellite receivers will have a sticker attached to the back or underside of the device. This should contain your model number amongst other information. Identifying the model number element can be tricky as it won't always describe it being as such!

As an added check, if you still have the original packaging for your set top box or satellite receiver, have a look for a model number which may printed on the packaging, or on a sticker attached by the manufacturer.

Look in the manual

The user documentation that came with your set top box should have the model number printed in it. In most scenarios, this will be printed on the front, inside cover or back page of the instruction manual. Quite often, manufacturers will group a number of devices with the same model number. These are often known as 'variants' and may contain slightly different parts, or be a revision of a previous model.

If your manual shows several models, try keying them into a Google image search. If the result shows your model of set top box, you should be good to begin searching that model in our smart search.

However, if you've still not identified your model number, move on to our next step.

Check your receipt or invoice

In most cases, when you purchase a device online it will be listed with it's exact model number. If you ordered it online, search through your old e-mails for the brand name and associated device such as 'freeview' or 'satellite'. 

Contact the manufacturer

If all else fails, get in touch with the manufacturer of your device. They may have a process for identifying your model. 

Once you've identified the model number, you can go ahead and start a search on our site for a replacement power supply.

My device isn't listed!

If you've identified your model number and searched for it on the site without result, we'd encourage you to get in touch and speak with a member of the support team who may be able to advise further on sourcing a replacement.

I can't find the remote control

If you've misplaced your remote control for the set top box or receiver, we'd encourage you to take a look at our sister-site The Remote Controls Shop, which supplies replacement remote controls for thousands of devices.